First Things First

Here are included most of my written contributions to periodicals and anthologies, as well as my own published books. Many of these are found in the publication a word in your eye (1996) cued by .


‘Structure and substance, The Penrose Annual 54, 1960 

‘Graphic design: illustrated periodicals’, Design 135, 1961 

‘Design analysis: Radio Times’, Design 150, 1961

‘Die britische werbegraphik’, Werk 1, 1961

‘Typophoto’, Typographica 3 (new series), 1961 

‘Product information’ (with Malcolm Quantrill), Design 168, 1962

‘Ouch!’, DIA Yearbook 1963/64, 1963

First things first: a manifesto, 1964 

‘The fashion element in design’, Light and Lighting, 1965 

Graphics handbook, Studio Vista, 1966

‘Package deal paradigm’, Arena 83, 1968

‘The design of the London Underground diagram’, The Penrose Annual 62, 1969 

‘Some characteristics present in diagrams denoting activity, event and relationship’, Information Design Journal 1/1, 1979

Illustrated graphics glossary, Barrie & Jenkins, 1980

Ken Garland and Associates, Designers: 20 years work and play 1962-82, Graphis Press, 1982

‘Graphic design in Britain today and tomorrow’, idea Magazine Special Issue, 1985

‘Horrible, horrible?’, Monotype Recorder 7, 1988 

‘A long, long trail a-winding’, Designers journal 137, 1988 

‘Edward Wright: the Wright stuff writ large’, Typographic 37, 1989

‘The books of Ken Campbell’, Typographic 41, 1990

‘Hans Schleger as I remember him’, Issue 5, Design Museum, 1990 

‘Luddites unite!’, Design 500, 1990

‘The rise and fall of corporate identity’, Blueprint 81, 1991 

‘More flags’, Blueprint 90, 1992 

‘Stop footling around’, Design 527, 1992

‘Just follow the donkey shit’, Eye 10/3, 1993 

‘Lead, kindly light: the design and production of illustrated walkers’ guides’, Information Design Journal 7/1, 1993

Mr Beck’s Underground map, Capital Transport, 1994

A word in your eye, University of Reading, 1996

‘Don’t let the buggers grind you down’, AIGA journal of Graphic Design 15/1, 1997

‘Mediated visual metaphors’, baseline 30, 2000

Metaphors, Bradbourne, 2001

‘Herbert Spencer: an enigma and a paradox’, Eye 44, 2002

‘Autograph books’, baseline 39, 2002

‘A proposal’, dot dot dot, 2003

‘Responsible to whom, I’d like to know?’, Citizen designer, 2003

‘Anxious about the future?’, The education of the graphic designer, Allworth Press, 2005

‘Is this really play for today?’, Blueprint 237, December 2005

‘Beck’s tube map still beckons’ Rail 571, August 2007

‘Ken Brigg’s posters for the National Theatre 1963-74’, baseline 53, December, 2007

A close look at pebbles, Pudkin Books, 2008

A close look at trinkets, Pudkin Books, 2008

A close look at fallen leaves, Pudkin Books, 2008

A close look at fire hydrants, Pudkin Books, 2009

A close look at rickshas of Bangladesh, Pudkin Books, 2009

A close look at the tall windows of Mexico, Pudkin Books, 2009

‘Whatever happened to ergonomics?’, Blueprint, December 2009